We are delighted that you would like to get married here at St.Brannock’s and hope that when the day arrives it will be a very happy and special one for you both.

We hope that you will find this page helpful, but please contact the parish administrator if there is anything else you would like to know.

Can I get married in church?

You have a right to be married in your parish church. You do not have to be a regular attendee. If you come from separate parishes, then you can choose in which church you would like to be married.

It is usual for at least one of you to be baptised.

Normally, banns are all you need to get married. We will take care of the paperwork. You do not need any other official licence.

If you live in separate parishes, the banns will have to be called in each church. You will then be required to collect a certificate from the other church and give it to us. Banns are generally called two months before the wedding on the first three Sundays of the month, but once you book your wedding you will be told when they will be called.

What should I do to prepare for the wedding?

Couples meet with the vicar four times before the wedding. First a getting to know you session, when details are taken for the banns; then a session to think in more detail about what marriage means; next, a session where you choose the hymns and the details of the service are finalised; and lastly, a rehearsal in church close to the wedding day.

How much does it cost to be married in church?

The cost of the service depends on what you would like.

The basic cost is as follows

  • Publication of banns - £31.00
  • Marriage Service - £464.00
  • Verger - £34.50
  • Organist - £85.00
  • Bells - £170.00
  • Choir - £140.00
  • Video - £85.00 (refunded if no video taken)
  • Travel - £10.00 (Only payable if the Vicar is not taking the service)
  • Heating (October–April) - £12.50

If the banns are called for a couple not getting married in St. Brannock’s the fees are

Publication of Banns - £31.00

Certificate of Banns -  £15.00

Optional Extras

What music shall I choose?

Please talk to one of the organists. They will help you to plan the music and hymns for your wedding. Do contact them early on in your planning.

We also have a very good choir at St. Brannock’s who are willing to sing at weddings just let the vicar know when you book the wedding that you would like them.

Should we have a printed order of service?

You don’t have to have a printed order of service. However if you would like one then please talk to the vicar, as there are sample copies for you to look at. You will also need to let the vicar see a draft before they go to printers to avoid any mistakes.

Will the church bells be rung?

The bell ringing team are normally available to ring before and after a wedding. However the bells can only be rung once on any one day. The first couple to book a wedding on that particular day will have “first refusal” on the bells. All requests for the bells depend on the availability of a team on that particular day.

What photographs can be taken?

Please ask your photographer to talk to the vicar before the service; we will do our utmost to accommodate them. Sorry, but guests may not use flash photography during the service.

Can we video the service?

Videos are permitted in the church, but you will need a video licence, the cost of this depends on the cover required.

Where can we park the cars?

The church’s car park is by the St. Brannock’s Rooms and has room for about 10 cars. Due to street parking it is not always possible for the Bride’s car to be left near the church gate. This can be difficult if a friend or relative wishing to attend the service drives the car. The entrance and the drive opposite the church gate doesn’t belong to the church and should not be used for parking.

Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact the vicar if there is anything you are not sure about.