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Introducing  our Family and Children’s worker
Hello, my name is Lynne Burgon and I’ve been appointed by the Braunton Mission Community to lead the work with families and their children. I have been married to Malcolm for 32 years and we live in Bideford.
I have a varied back ground – for over thirty years I worked within the NHS – I started my career as a trained nurse and went on to become a trained midwife. I have lost count of the number of babies I have helped to be born but suffice to say working with families has been an integral part of my life. I even went on to do my ‘part three’ that’s what midwives’ call having children of your own. I have three grown up children, two boys and a girl. The eldest and youngest have a child of their own so I am blessed with two wonderful grandsons’ – and yes the middle son hopes to catch them up and reproduce one day! Midwifery was a wonderful career and was instrumental in my faith journey. Witnessing the miracle of birth over and over again taught me reliance on God in more ways than one so it was no surprise to my family and friends when I announced that I felt called by God to be ordained. I trained later in life and have been ordained for over ten years, I have served as a Parish Priest caring for five rural churches and latterly as a Chaplain to our local children’s hospice at Fremington. I am enjoying having more time to spend with my grandchildren and love to teach and encourage children, hence the reason for applying for this post. I will be working eight hours as your family and children’s worker but I shall also assist Reverend Anne and Father John with services from time to time. I look forward to meeting you and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas or offers of help. I believe God has gifted his people in church to cover all our needs so I am confident that there will be people He is calling right now to help with the important work of telling the gospel to the current generations. I’d love to hear from you if you could help at Messy Church in any way, perhaps by coming along and listening or befriending, perhaps you have skills in arts and crafts, or perhaps you can simply offer some time to help set up and put things away. Feel free to approach me over coffee on Sundays or email me
Family and Children’s worker @ St.Brannock’s
Spot light on our Families and Children’s work
My name is Lynne Burgon and I’ve been appointed by the PCC at St Brannocks to lead our work with families and children across the Braunton Mission community. I will be working closely with Reverend Anne who has already got excellent links with Southmead and Caen schools where she regularly takes assemblies and runs services in church and school for them. I started work early December and by following Reverend Anne that month I got to meet hundreds of children and some of their parents. So we know lots of families live in Braunton and many of them come to church at festival times. However, we don’t often see them in-between and that is where my role comes in. I have been given three objectives, to set up and lead a Christian afterschool club, to develop a service suitable for preschool children and to set up and lead a Messy Church (more about that below). Through these connections I hope to encourage more families to explore their own journey of faith and become followers of Christ.  I have already started an after school club at Caen school on Wednesdays. It is small at the moment but tiny acorns grow huge oak trees!
The Church of England recognises that not everyone learns in the same way and that traditional church services can put people off exploring issues of faith so a few years ago they started looking at new ways of being church which they called ‘Fresh Expressions’. So a fresh expression of church is a community or congregation, that has the potential to grow into a church in its own right. It is not intended to be a stepping stone or a half-way house for someone wanting to join a Sunday congregation, rather it is a congregation that runs alongside the traditional one. One fresh expression of church that has worked well in other areas is a monthly Messy Church.
At the heart of Messy Church is a desire to introduce adults and children to Jesus, to encourage them to explore what it means to be a follower of Christ and to get to know God as Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. Messy Church acknowledges that this is a journey of faith and everyone travels at their own pace. Therefore, it seeks to provide a variety of ways for exploration to take place – discussion (often over food and drink), Godly play (introducing Biblical truths through creative story telling), crafts (the messier the better) dramatized or puppet led stories, creative prayer and songs of worship to name but a few.  The vision of the Messy Church organisation is quite clear – they seek to use the tools of creativity and food as a way of helping people come close to God and to each other. The name church is there for that reason – we don’t want to mislead anyone. This is church; telling the gospel in a way that is relevant to this day and age.
If what you have read intrigues, come and find out for yourself. Braunton Mission Community’s first Messy Church begins on Sunday February 12th 2017 in St Brannocks rooms. We start at 4pm and aim to end around 5.30pm after we have enjoyed high tea together. If you do nothing else, please spread the word –especially if your own children/grandchildren come to festival services but nothing else – this church is for them!
Reverend Lynne Burgon, Family and Children’s Worker for the Braunton Mission Community. email:-